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        A Brief Synopsis of What We Do


Christ Connection Ministries was organized in 1976 for the purposes of Global Evangelism. We are zealous to take the message of Christ to the whole world! 

We work hand in hand with AiLing Hua Foundation that was organized by my wife AiLing Yang Blalock. A major portion of our efforts and resources are currently targeted toward China where one of the greatest harvests in history is occurring right now!






Christ Connection Ministries International is a 501 (C)(3) religious corporation approved by the Internal Revenue Service.


            Founder & President: Frank Lee Blalock



Check our Blog Page where I share key Business Success Principles: Success In International Commerce. 

Blowing up hotwater bottles in El Salvadore
In El Salvador Exploding Water Bottles

Everywhere you go there are people hungry and ready to hear the good news that Christ loves them and that He came that they might have life and have it more abundantly!


 Will you tell them? 

Praying with Factory supervisor in China
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