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The Origin of Da Sheng Li

On the morning of November 14, 2018, while in meditation I heard in my spirit, this phrase in Mandarin. I wrote it down as best as I could spell it by the way it sounded to me. I prayed over it a few days and still unable to fully decipher, I spoke to my wife AiLing, who is Chinese and asked if what I had written made any sense or sounded like anything intelligible.  


She immediately recognized it and said, it is Da sheng Li which means ( Big Overcoming benefit or victory: Big Victory) to defeat decisively to win decisively great victory triumph .

In the Word of God, you will Learn Business Success Principles that work in marketplace Ministries. Fuel your success in business as well as in life. Be encouraged by these periodic videos we post. 

Videos to Fuel Your  Big Victory

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