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Frank Blalock: President of Strategy One LLC

              Frank Blalock: Founder / President CCMI

As a minister, intercessor and one who operates in the prophetic office Frank Blalock travels to meet with business leaders to personally pray with them.  He often prays prophetic insight into situations after he has listened to the issues they’re confronting. He then makes a commitment to stand in agreement with them until they realize their breakthrough. It is his philosophy that quite often God requires ‘boots on the ground’.

Often you have to go to the physical location to pray to expedite the victory over adverse issues hindering a breakthrough in business or one’s personal life. The best example to consider is how Christ had to come to the earth to put His feet on the ground to bring redemption to a fallen race.

International travel is a normal part of Frank Blalock’s life and ministry: especially China. He has travelled there countless times over the years to teach and to train leaders, and to pray over the nation at the key landmarks and cultural exhibitions.

It is in China that he met his beautiful wife AiLing. Together they established AiLing Hua Children’s Home in 2009 to care for abandoned and orphaned children.

Frank is an excellent speaker with a dynamic presentation style that leans totally upon the Holy Spirit to minister directly to the hearts of the congregation with whom he is sharing. He has a passion to encourage people to live to the fullest of God’s call and purpose for their lives.

He preaches a message of victorious living having personal knowledge of God’s salvation and deliverance in his own life and is able to use those experiences as examples of the faithfulness of God in the area of business as well as in one’s personal life.









AiLing Blalock: President of AiLing Hua Foundation

AiLing Blalock: Founder / President

                             AiLing Hua Foundation

The name itself carries special significance. “Ai” and “Ling” are Chinese Characters that represent “love” and “Spirit”: Hence “To Love the Holy Spirit”.  The Chinese word “Hua” is translated “flower”.


AiLing Hua Children’s Home is a place where the most precious resources of a nation are cared for and nurtured by love.  Jesus said, “Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not”. AiLing Hua Children’s Home embraces orphaned and abandoned children who often are described as special needs children. And yet the environment that has been created is facilitating their recovery.

As children are housed, fed, clothed, and “received,” they are being healed of rejection and the deep emotional hurts and even trauma children go through because of it. Because God loves children, He gave this vision to AiLing Yang Blalock to work tirelessly to save all the children she can and to aid in the transformation of their lives and to make available to them the chance of success they would not have otherwise.

Our staff who work daily with the children are carefully selected to provide the best of care. If you do not love children and do not have faith that they can live productive lives once they are received into AiLing Hua Children’s Home, then you cannot work at the home. Faith is the most effective tool any of us have to overcome obstacles and be successful: faith in God and in the future of these children is paramount to work in Ailing Hua Children’s Home.


​AiLing Hua Foundation was established to provide a financial framework to ensure that the work of saving the lives of abandoned and orphaned children continues to future generations. Your support financially will continue to expand the foundation of love we build upon to give children the opportunity to live good and productive lives and to contribute to society. “Freely we have received, and freely we must give!"


AiLing is passionate about Christ, full of the Word of God and moves only at the direction of the Holy Spirit! 


 Changing the future One Child at a Time!








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