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Connecting the Dots for Business Success

Updated: May 16, 2020

Connecting the Dots to Make Sense of it All

Do not underestimate the ‘Dot’! Every time you put a pen to paper, the first thing you do is create a dot. Everything springs forth out of the dot and flows from the dot.

The dot is the foundation – It is the voice for all that follows. It is the origin of creativity. It is stronger than you can imagine for it is the womb of creation.

No matter how small, it is always the starting point. Out of the small, limitlessness is created because it is unafraid to grow.

The dot, by itself, is small and easily overlooked; and is often passed over because it seems insignificant.

The dot is the ‘starting point’! You will have many starting points for creating larger things.

Look at your dots! What do you want them to become? Assign value to them. Honor them! Speak to them to bring forth their full potential.

So, the dot is no small thing. But a big thing in disguise. And if you trust in God to guide your hand, you will write a single letter, a word, a sentence, and a volume: A plan and a prescription for your personal success.

In the 'dot pattern' things are hidden in plain sight but not visible to the casual or undiscerning eye. There are things intended to be hidden from others and for you to discover as you give yourself to study, contemplation, and prayer.

And then, finally! The truths and revelation of God that will lead to your personal success are wrapped in mystery to keep them from the wicked and to unveil them to you at the point you're able to execute them strongly and swiftly. So they cannot be stolen away before they can come to fruition. Wisdom will guide you at this point.

The 'unveiling' or revelation God gives to you, is not haphazard but by clues that lead you to secrets that promote your understanding of how to transact business in the earth as Heaven transacts business in the earth.

God Bless You

Frank Blalock

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