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Entrepreneurs 'Father' Businesses!

It is April 6, 2019 and I am downstairs sitting on my sofa near the window meditating, and hear this phrase. “Stop, to father a business”!

This is amazing. I know God is not only telling me I have permission to be in business but am being commanded to be in business. This is so liberating!

When you ‘father’ something, you give your whole life force to it to ‘create’. You give your very essence and being to it. You create something in your own image (Character, righteousness – nature of Christ)

What is ‘in you’ determines what you will father. Deposit creative power into it. Create with a ‘seed’!

There is a huge difference in being a Father to a Business and in Fathering a Business. You can be a father to another business venture or entrepreneur to advise and counsel them to success but when you father a business you create something out of your own loins. You give life to it. You bring it into existence.

Can I be real plain to the point of embarrassment? To father, birth, or create you have to deposit, as I have already said, your 'life force' into your venture! Your DNA - Your Business ‘sperm’! So what is my sperm? What is my business DNA that is within me?

What is the 'seed' that brings forth what is coded into it? Where do you deposit this, or plant it. What is the right environment, idea, circumstance that will facilitate your dream to become a living entity full of life and future?

What do you want to create? What do you have to work with? Do you believe in divine assistance?

The ‘receptacle’ - ‘Receiver’ of Business DNA / sperm has to be an idea, concept, opportunity, connection, association! You have to deposit all your life force into this. No delays, no excuses; sometimes sheer determination and nerves of steel.

But you have to move ahead or you will never see your brainchild mature.

Your future depends upon you fathering: creating something of value. It is your ability to live beyond yourself: Beyond your lifespan.

This is more than, “how to start a business. More than a plan of steps.

This is life force!

This is the ‘essence’ of business – Divine – From above but deposited in me before birth.

You don’t have any choice: You have no other option! Do this or endure the struggle of life!

Welcome and embrace the 'pressure' to make this work!

This is your one shot! Others may come. Other opportunities, other businesses, but right now, this is it. This is critical. This is to be taken seriously!

Thinking like this helps to define what and how to engage: what and where to target.

“Stop” to… Stand still. Cease to do something. Put everything else on hold and make this the priority.

Stop: as in Reflect – give thought to – Consider, Ponder – Seek God and ask for His counsel.

Lean not to your own understanding.

Ask for your higher purpose.

Ask for new and creative ways of doing things.

Don’t trust the old failed system.

Ask God for a new way that is unique for you personally: Directly related to your situation.

Ask for empowerment as well, which includes courage, stamina, persistence, and a sensitivity to the daily counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Ask for supernatural business acumen.

Become Pro-Active in Kingdom Function and Operation.

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