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Power To Create

Creating Power

God made you a creator.

The Creator is within you so how could you do anything less than create?

You have the power to create actual human life via procreation. And if you can create life / children, what can you not create?

Plus, the scripture tells us that God did not deny us His Son, how would He deny any other request that would have to fall below this Premiere one.

You have more power within you than you have imagined or utilized.

God put life force in you.

As an example, I was talking to friend of mine who is in the house redemption business. I asked him, what kind of properties do you want? What price range? What level of repairs, marketing etc.? What profit range? Create that in the Spirit and call it forth.

You free yourself from limitation when you create what you want. Another example, there are 6 people looking at bidding on 5 houses. One person is going to be left out if each of the 5, win one bid each. But if you ‘create’ your property, then your property will come to you, or outside of the five if need be because you created it and called it forth. It goes back to the power of death and life in your tongue.

Create your own supply chain by commanding it to form and to assimilate by divine directive. Creating a pipeline of business: not just prospects but actual business. Prospects by themselves will not bring you business even though they can turn into business. Let God fill up that pipeline with people trying to get to you to do business!

Competition is not the issue of concern for a son of God. When you learn that God has allocated certain things for you then it sets you free of worry that someone will steal what you have or beat you competitively. Because you know you have a choice portion. And you have the portion you create even outside of competition.

What is yours is yours! No one can take it. It is not about fairness or equality. It is about appropriation. So, then, if true you never need to fear lack or competition.

Don’t be badgered into giving up your rights. Don’t abdicate your seat of authority.

Note: I learned this principle of God’s portion for me when I was young and running a small contract business. This simultaneous to working a full-time job while employed for a man in the same field.

I saw in the man I worked for that he was always so afraid someone might do some work that he could have gotten. But I learned even he could not do all the work out there and so I knew God had certain work for me and no one could beat me out of it.

I also remember later when I ran my own business exclusively that God would provide me clients and work. I had been without work on one occasion for several weeks. I was out in my front yard and just mentioned, “Lord you know I need work”! Immediately the phone rang. (Back in the day when everyone had a landline) I ran back inside and answered the phone and the caller said, so and so recommended you to me. Could you come and give me a quote?”


Create out of nothing – what God does by the word of His mouth and by His words all things were created and still remain by that same word.

Have you ever heard the term reticular activator: The more you focus on something the more likely you will see it or it will show up. Ex. You buy a new car, and suddenly you see that car everywhere. Or you think of buying that car and it seems you see them on the highway, on car lots, in ads etc.

The spiritual principle is similar. God shows you something – gives you a desire for something. As you meditate on it, you encounter it more and more until you possess it if you dare persevere.

The Creative Vehicle God provides for your use in creating

Take the things God has shown you and make that the creative vehicle.

The Vision

The Dream

The prophetic word

Make a demand on that to create what it is: It was something you saw: It was seen, so it exists as real somewhere or in some dimension.

This gives you (something) substance to work with. It is like a gift of a starter seed (something you can see) from God so you have a level of confidence of what to create and what it is to look like. It is kind of like ‘starter’ for making bread.

Note: A point should come when you can create by the word of your mouth without a picture. You will speak the Word of God and it will manifest.

Referencing back to Changing molecular structure.

My first encounter with this were stories of people with bad teeth being prayed for in a meeting by the late Wallace Heflin. Teeth supernaturally filled with silver or gold or enamel.

I was critical because in my ‘know it all attitude’ I figured if God was going to fill teeth, He would do it with enamel right? Obviously, God can do it as He wills to give a witness to His own power.

Years later in meetings with David Hertzog, gray hair turning dark in front of your eyes over a period of 30 minutes, watches and jewelry changing from its molecular formulation.

Swimming ax heads 2 Kgs 6:6

Oil of the O.T. where it kept pouring until all the pots were filled. 2 Kgs. 4:1-7

Oil & flour that kept replenishing itself until the famine was over. 1 Kgs. 17:14

My Personal Story as evidence. I was told that the Lord has chosen a wife for me when I was single. He said, count the days! Seemed simple enough but days turned into weeks, and months and even several years.

😊 Some good stuff takes a while to create, I guess. I did not understand these principles so clearly then as I do now. I just knew I kept having visions, and dreams of the lady He had chosen. Fact is I kept seeing many different images, nationalities, hair & eye color.

Laughingly it looked a lot like polygamy! But just before the creative work was completed and God brought my wife into my life from a foreign country, He spoke to me not to be fixated on eye color etc. Because all the things He had shown me where representations of this lady’s character and nature. He had been showing me she was a worshiper, a pet lover, a people lover, and beautiful too.

I’m glad I listened, or I would have missed what He had for me because I would have been looking green eyes and dismissed the dark brown.

In the vision, God makes the detail plain so you may create exactly what you see. It exists already in a particular dimension of time and space.

But when you create in your dimension; the thing in the other dimension will transfer to you.

In business as you operate more and more in spiritual dimensions, the world and those who look with a casual eye will perceive what you build as coming out of your natural business acumen and prowess. But the real secret is that you have tapped into the Father’s heart and have become co-creator with Him to build His model of Kingdom Economy in the earth.

When you walk in this realm it will be because He has chosen you but did so with your permission and participation.

He shows you what is to come so that you might embrace it. In embracing it, you will absorb it. In absorbing it, you will become one with it. In becoming one with it, you will function reflexively to move fluidly in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Let me sum of some things and give emphasis on it to encourage you to create in life, in business etc. Your power to create comes out of the depth of the deep that is within you. Literally it is encoded in your DNA. As I mentioned earlier, there is a strong life force within you.

This Kingdom Success in business is not achieved by manipulation. But by a sudden spontaneous work of the Holy Spirit because you have matured in alignment with God’s timing of release.

It is not natural or carnal because what comes forth out of you is greater than what can be naturally produced in strength and volume. There is a spiritual life force in you so far superior to your natural force, for business but you must tap into it by the Holy Spirit.

There is no feeling or experience quite like when you give yourself to something with your entire being. With your essence. The emotional high is ecstatic.

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