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Power To Get Wealth

While quietly sitting before the Lord on April 17, 200 exactly at 10:27 pm, I hear and see “Here is this dollar” Instantaneously I realize God just spoke to me about one of the elements of Kingdom Economics, CURRENCY.

This can immediately give rise to lots of important questions: Which is good because the ‘Question’ is the key to the door of knowledge. So money is currency which is a measurement of exchange between two things of value. I take the thing you have that is of value to me and I give you currency of an equal value in exchange.

So, what was God saying to me? Am I to get involved in currency trading? Or is God using this to pull my attention to the currency of Kingdom Economy? Is it both since I am in the natural world but also a citizen of Heaven and must operate in both realms?

Maybe I will come back to this a little later but let me lead your right now down a path easier to follow.

But let me challenge you with this statement that will play itself out a few paragraphs down. CREATING WEALTH! How to create out of nothing.

Creating Simply with the word of my mouth. This cannot just be theory if it is to be of value. As someone on this quest of Kingdom Economy in the real world, I must walk in this because it is my call. As a trailblazer – as one to lead the way and bring others along.

But the wealth I’m talking about is not just wealth for wealth’s sake. It is wealth for a purpose. Wealth cannot have as its root or motivation, the love of money = root of all evil. Beware of love of money; it will cause people to lie, steal, misappropriate, betray, and even murder.

Did not God say, “I give you power to get wealth”? He does not want you to spiritualize this but receive it as a statement of fact. God’s children often rob themselves by their false humility. Father has a supply. Receive it. Take it all. You will not overdraft His account.

The Babylonian system says you must fail to succeed. They caveat it of course by saying, “fail forward”. Sounds good right? Makes sense doesn’t it in a very earthly way?

The problem is that the children of God have chanted the mantra of the world and walked in its ways. They embrace their slogans of, “feast or famine” to their own detriment.

To embrace Babylon’s slogans and repeat them is to lie on the Lord. Do you think God has lack or suffers hunger? Does He fall short? Is He hoping for a better day? But to overcome the world mindset of destruction, you will have to disengage from it and possess the mind of Christ.

And I do confess it will take effort but is possible by faith, for God will keep His side of the bargain.

God is faithful in your lack but He didn’t create it. He gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater. So, He does have a way and plan for you to always succeed if you embrace it. For the good seed sown will produce a harvest and the grain shared will come back to you as profits.

We must demolish old mindsets that are triggered by our environment and step into a new arena of God Is NOW! There must be a true mindset change.! We must rethink our thinking.

Resources are available in this dimension. We access when we follow His instructions, and commandment in Deut. 8:18 “I give you power to get wealth”. He wants you to have it or He would not say, “I give”. He did not say work for, sweat for, toil for, struggle for etc.

We must deprogram ourselves from corruption and the “in my strength” mentality. We must delete some files and reprogram our mind. To possess the mind of Christ. Thinking differently will bring different results.

What else did God say? “I give you power = authority and right. I give you position to ‘get’!

To acquire, to generate, to accumulate, to create, to possess, to hold. We have complicated the process. He simply wants us to come into wealth. To succeed in attaining wealth.

Because the wealth is not affluence but a tool to execute specific portions of our scroll. Our affluence is what we have in our spirit with him that all the money in the world cannot buy. But His wealth, He gives is His tool to accomplish His design for us. It is leverage in the natural world to move things in the right way and in the right direction.

We must fix our mind on His instruction for a better way and a more perfect way. We must me single minded (focused) because the double minded (unsettled) man will get nothing from God.

The old inferior way only rewards to the degree of effort exerted but ‘getting’ by faith is with great results – where faith is leveraged – is the lever – the counter balance that exerts greater pressure against the obstruction than you have in your own strength.

One final note just to arouse your thought processes. What is the ‘currency’ of Heaven? I will leave off right here, until I meditate further on just what the money or ‘measure of exchange’ is for heaven.

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1 comentário

So...what is "the currency of heaven"??? Inquiring minds...and spirits need to know!!!

This was a wonderful, insightful, uplifting and enlightening read. Keep it up brother, the world needs to hear this kind of news, esp during complicated times like we are currently experiencing.

Bless you and thank you.

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