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Proton Fusion in Kingdom Business

Proton Movements in Business

Very often when you are asking God about something you receive an answer of a nature that requires action on your part to elucidate your understanding.

Such was my case on May 21, 2020 when I was asking the Lord to further augment my understanding of the Economy of Heaven. I hear the word ‘Proton’! Initially it was a bit of an enigma (still is actually). But, in the simplest of forms, God was expressing a vastness and power of the Kingdom Economy.

So, my first response was to revisit my days in High School academics to refresh my understanding of the proton and how from that study I could deduce how it parallels with the Kingdom Economy operation.

Both subjects are inexhaustible in the knowledge they can impart but I am sure I will at least unravel some of the mystery of the Kingdom, more than I know now.

So, What is a Proton?

Basically, it is positive energy. A proton is a subatomic particle with a positive charge. It is found in the atomic nucleus. (AG Caesar) The proton is the energy of the Atom. Equivalent of the energy of the sun if you can comprehend that!

So, let me keep us on track with our subject. The Economic power of the engine of Heaven’s economy is beyond what you can ever imagine. And it is all positive energy. And it is superior to the failed Babylonian system because it operates for good and not for evil. But you must qualify to access it, and you must embrace it to be considered to prosper in and from it.

The proton along with the electron, and neutron group together in the central portion of the atom called the nucleus.

Let me speak to the nucleus for a moment: The nucleus of God. The center of all God is.

Position yourself in the ‘nucleus’ of God, so certain chain reactions will take place that bring to you everything you need. God is a God of order – systems - outcomes that can be very predictable in their essence. Although details and methods of delivery may vary.

Protons do not move out of the nucleus to outer shells as electrons may. They are in this sense stable. So, stay in the nucleus of God. This is where the real action is in the spiritual realm. The positive charge will always be within the nucleus.

It is not guessing or hoping. It can be certain, and guaranteed that an outcome will always be the same when you employ the same process or mechanism. The proton always acts the same under prescribed conditions. The only exception I can imagine is one where something ‘new’ is learned about the proton that totally changes the way we think of it, approach it or interact with it.

The proton triggers or creates a chain reaction that sets up a series of events or outcomes repeatedly.

Keep in mind, I am not trying to be specifically scientific but to apply generally the scientific principle as it relates to the World creating Power of Kingdom Economics. It works! It’s not any of the political names of our world economies. It is ‘other worldly’!

Kingdom Economic Proton Energy: positive charge will be released that compels and propels change in your business.

Also in a similar sense an inward release of Positive Charge / Energy that invigorates and electrifies you to excel beyond your natural ability in business because something supernatural gets infused in you that changes you into something else altogether in faith and understanding.

Positive energy discharged into you, and your business that is outside of your ability to create. That work which you do that is completely outside of our ability to make happen. It sets in motion a series of chain reactions of bursts of explosive energy to move you (invigorate) and align you to destiny purpose.

How to integrate into the Kingdom of Heaven Economy? Proton fusion! This really excites me that God will integrate, merge His Kingdom principles within my spirit so I am fused; become one with His way of doing business in the earth.

Massive energy is derived from proton Fusion. This is an integration of Kingdom Economy into you / your business. Fusion takes place when 2 different Protons hit each other hard enough to create an explosion that melts them into one new substance.

This can be Re birthing of passion in the heart of the entrepreneur or a leap into a realm beyond logical analysis. It is like a big explosion of positive energy that moves your business to a level, you could never do on your own.

Prophetic Declaration of Fusion

Expect the unexpected – Expect the infusion and chain reaction of my favor for growth and expansion. Expect the release of Kingdom energy by fusion and fission. Expect consolidation of things for strength. Expect God to split open some things for a release that brings exponential multiplication.

Expect God to stir up some things to draw your attention to them. Prepare to set your mind, your thoughts, and attention upon the Revelation He brings that is custom designed for you to utilize and employ in business prosperity. God will break open, to reveal the deeper secrets. He will define for you what is hidden so you may see where that knowledge fits in your business model.

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