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I had a vision of a golden ram's head, as I prayed during the evening of April 8, 2020. At first, I was startled and even surprised! Because I had been seeking more knowledge from God on what His Kingdom Economic System was designed to look like and how it was to be implemented in the earth.

But over the days and weeks that have followed God has opened my understanding more. So let me speak to all of you Christian, Kingdom minded business leaders and entrepreneurs for a moment.

God has ordained 'Protector Rams' in the business arena.

May I speak prophetically, as it was given to me, in more detail?

"I need a ram, (a ram is a non-castrated male sheep that protects the sheep) This is part of my financial apparatus, otherwise my little ones (small businesses, startups, new entrepreneurs etc.) will be devoured by the Babylonian System; or acquiesce to it and fall short of who they are designed to be.

"Remember: The first ram I mention in my Word is the one caught in the thicket for Abraham. Gen. 22:13. But that Ram saved a son and changed the world.

My 'Business Rams' must have hearts of sacrifice to give of themselves in a real and meaningful way to those who would perish in business otherwise. So I have called you to build, to teach, and provide a place for others to succeed in business, along with yourself.

With yourself, being the living model of what the Kingdom Economy looks, and acts like in the earth. You are to come along side of others to mentor, encourage, and instruct them by what I have taught you to be successful as a Christian business owner.

And what does the really look like? It means you pour yourself into helping someone else start or succeed in business. You make yourself available to take a call even when you're busy. You encourage them.

You are required to help someone else succeed! It is not all about yourself. You will even give of your resources and money to make sure they do not fail in a moment or time of market crisis or duress. You 'offer' yourself. You 'sacrifice' by giving who and what you are and must help the 'newbie' survive until he can thrive. This even in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to 'Christian Businesses'!

Yes, it will cost you something! Even a lot, but when you see what you ‘save’ and its value to the world and my Kingdom, then you will take delight in presenting yourself as an 'offering'. For in giving of yourself, you will live on forever and you will continue to add value to my Kingdom Businesses even long after you have exited the stage of the Market Place.

But when my business owners begin to walk more like 'sons' and not entrepreneurs after the pattern of the Babylonian system, then even the world will look, observe and be jealous of your success because they see you possess something higher than their MBA's.

But as a Ram - A protector - A son, I have called you to guard others of my children who are just getting their feet in the water and testing who they are and who I have called them to be in business."

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