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The Tribe of Commerce: Asher

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Please stay with me as I walk you through your God ordained call to entrepreneurship today. You’ll be glad you did!

This is so exciting! My feet hit the floor at 5:10 am on March 21, 2020. Instantly, in my spirit, I heard the name ‘Asher’! It was so crisp and clear.

Instinctively I knew it referred to the Asher of the tribes of Israel.

The name means, fortunate, blessed, happy one.

Asher was one of 12 sons of Jacob and just before Jacob died, he called his sons together and begin to speak their futures into existence. Gen. 49

These statements were not just ‘feel good’ self-esteem building encouragements. These were things where Jacob had looked into the future, and saw from God; what the destiny of each son / tribe was to be.

When he prophesied and unveiled Asher’s future and destiny, Jacob said this, “Bread from Asher shall be rich, and he shall yield royal dainties.”

More is said of this son of Jacob, whose mother was Zilpah, the maidservant of Leah.

Deut. 33:24-25 spoken by Moses, “…Asher is most blessed of sons: Let him be favored by his brothers, and let him dip his foot in oil.

Your sandals shall be iron and bronze: As your days, so shall your strength be.”

If you study the ancient tribal maps you will discover that the inheritance of Asher was a very prime area on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, north of Mount Carmel.

It was near the Phoenician hubs of commerce and in this position the tribe of Asher became very wealthy through local and international trade. Being on the coastline opened avenues for them to have trading partners around the world if they chose.

I See Asher As The Tribe of commerce: Entrepreneurship and business personified.

It is a Spiritual and literal call to entrepreneurship, business, and trade.

How do I take possession of my Asher inheritance?

In a spiritual sense, who are the heathen (those not appointed by God) who occupy my rightful inheritance?

How do I identify and dislodge them? What or who are the entities sitting on my seat of authority that have to go?

To possess this business calling you may have to leave other things behind, and you will certainly have to push yourself into the arena and establish yourself and claim the spot God ordained for you.

Say now, “Make me a leader in ‘Asher’: Give me a ‘seat’ in the ‘gate’ of the city.”

My Asher is where my Da Sheng Li becomes a present reality.

Da Sheng Li is Mandarin for Big Victory!

I have to wonder what was the biblical battle like for the tribe of Asher to take possession? What strategy was used to take possession.

So How do we wrap this up: How do we step from the dream to the reality?

I was meditating in the Lord one day and was caught by a vision. I saw a screen that said, “Enter to Win!”

Wow! There’s your answer in a nutshell right there. You must ‘enter’ to win. You cannot stay outside your inheritance and possess it.

You cannot stand on the sidelines.

You can’t just dream; you have to step into who God ordained you to be.

You know in your gut, you’re called to this. That God has positioned you to be a ‘key’, unlocking doors of commerce and doing business in the earth as Heaven does business in the earth.

Isa. 57:13 “But he who puts his trust in me shall possess the land. And shall inherit my holy mountain”

Why did God give me this word? Why did I find it so encouraging when I’ve basically been an entrepreneur, of sorts at least, all my life?

As a kid, I pulled a lawnmower behind my bike, knocking on doors, asking strangers if I could cut their grass for a fee. I was a child preacher at 11 years old. I was ordained as a denominational minister my last year of High School and began pastoring. I have been an evangelist. I was a contractor, house flipper, modular home business owner and today am a licensed real estate broker with my own brokerage.

But I sense God speaking something new and I want to take on the next project.

Maybe you hear the same call.

Maybe some things haven’t gone so well, and you wonder if you missed the mark and should just look a job. Nooooo!

This Asher Inheritance is yours. You have just found some new giants perhaps. Some ‘heathen’ are sitting in the seat of authority that belongs to you. So, you must tap into Heaven, get a clear picture of how to exceed what the Babylonian system produces and outshine them and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

You don’t succeed by greed! Asher succeeded because he wanted everyone else to have something of the prize also. He was affable and generous with others, so people wanted to do business with him. But the tribe of Asher was renown as expert warriors also. So, you have to also be strong as well and wise.

So, on a personal note, may I share my heart with you?

I believe this is why the Lord spoke ‘Asher’ to me. I needed confirmation that I am on track to take on a new business even when the odds seem against it, as I pray and look for the opportunities.

And I am torn also because I’m so passionate about the ministry part of business where I meet with business leaders, praying with them and consulting with them on the Biblical and spiritual principals of business.

I know I will always do this but perhaps there is one more business in me or perhaps the Lord wants to open up more of the thing I’m so passionate about.

Oh, and one more thing God gave me to confirm my spiritual Asher inheritance / business /entrepreneurship call:

The daughters of the Tribe of Asher were known to be beautiful and virtuous and were sought after as wives by the Priests and Kings of Israel.

(I have certainly received this from my spiritual inheritance in my wife AiLing: So, I am well on my way to winning everything.)

Final Note: Asher Inheritance: It is more than just doing business. It is Asher Business – Your divine business assignment and it is to be fun as well as productive.

God bless you and thank you for spending time here with me today. Please feel free to connect, and to comment.


Frank Lee Blalock

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