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Power To Change Molecular Structure

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I want to challenge you today! I will even challenge myself. God is showing me He has given us awesome power that we allow to lie dormant because it doesn’t fit the religious teaching we grew up with. But God wants to blow up our theology so He can find a place to work in a transformative way in our lives and in our businesses as leaders and entrepreneurs who face challenges every day that require answers that only come from God.

This is pretty radical stuff so please hang in there with me because if you practice this it will revolutionize the way you live and do business. But before I jump into changing molecular structure, I want to remind you of your power to create.

God is a Creator, and He deposited in your DNA the power to create also! How so?

If you have ever fathered a child, you created life. You took a small seed and made a human being. If you can create life, you can create anything. Your children are a living proof and reminder you have the power to create.

Even tangible things; concrete things. You can literally change the molecular structure of a substance into that of another which is totally different than the original of for a totally new purpose.

I was in prayer one morning thinking on the temptation of Christ. (Matt. 4:3) At the end the Devil said to Jesus, “I know you’ve starving, after having fasted 40 days, why don’t you just go ahead and turn that stone into bread and eat.

Now we know that Christ did not actually fall prey to the Devils temptation, but, nor did He deny His power to change the molecular structure of a stone into tasty soft bread to satisfy His hunger. He chose not to use His creative power on a dare, or to prove anything to anyone.

But God wants you to learn the process of changing molecular structure through His example on another occasion where He actually did! I share another story I know you have heard a thousand times. This is where at a marriage feast; He changed the molecular structure of water into the molecular structure of aromatic aged wine. This time, He was not showing off, nor was He being tempted. He was simply using His power to create to meet a need and save a host terrible embarrassment. (Jn.2)

But that is not all! He did it again! If Christ established a pattern of sorts, don’t you think it is so we can follow it? There’s the story of Christ walking on the water. (Matt. 14:25) He changed the molecular structure of the waves of the sea so that though they were still liquid and moving it became solid under His feet. (It worked to for Peter until he became afraid by the turbulent waves and wind.)

His purpose was to bring Him to His destination to meet up with the disciples in the middle of the sea in the middle of the night. He did not let His lack of a boat keep Him from His destination. In fact, I suspect it was easier and faster for Him to reach His disciples by foot than a boat anyway so He just changed the molecular structure of the water to act, not as waves but as a path. He literally created a path across the waves of the water.

IN YOUR BUSINESS, do you not think God will make a path for you to get to where you need to be even if it means you exercising your Power to Change Molecular Structure?

Some of you are facing impossible odds right now in your business. There is no human or business principle that can advance you ‘in time’ to where you need to be before all is lost.

I have another story of miraculous intervention set in the same setting. As soon as Christ got into the boat, the scripture says they were at the shore. (Jn. 6:21) They literally ‘time traveled’ the remaining distance to the coastline. Christ exercised His power over time to get them quickly to their destination.

Don’t ever again credit anything with the ability to keep you from your goal.

Here’s one promise to stir up your spirit man in faith.

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us. Eph. 3:20

There is power and that power is within you if you turn it on. And that you even acknowledge its existence so that it may turn itself on as demand is placed upon it.

To some, we’re talking really strange things because we have made God (into our own image) shrunk Him down so He can fit in our box of understanding and containment.

If you’re still struggling with these concepts, let me share with you what my friend Dr. Fate Thompson told me of the days he used to visit the nursing homes and pray for the sick.

Nothing seemed to be happening except the elderly continued to die. In His frustration, He sought God, was driven by compassion, and this time when he laid his hand on a cancerous growth it disappeared under his finger.

Many healings followed that. He told me, “Frank, that was changing the molecular structure of that growth so that the disease was gone, and the tissue was once again healthy.

The principles are the same. Divine healing or changing molecular structure in real-life situations and in Business Situations to Create A Change like right now!

Author’s Additional Notes:

1. Poison Removed from Pot of soup: 2 Kgs. 4:38-41

2. A small amount of bread and corn multiplied to feed over a hundred men. 2 Kgs. 4:42-44

3. A simple action turns bitter water to sweet. Ex. 15:22-25

4. Christ fed 5,000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Matt. 14:13-21

5. Christ fed 4000 with 7 loaves of bread and a few fish. Matt. 15:29-39

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